You will see all manner of things on this my blog – I love sharing tasty tidbits of information – but dont expect to only find one topic, my interests are many and diverse.

A quick review of things to come:  9/11, Chem Trails, False Flag Events, HAARP and Scalar Technology, UFO’s, Vaccinations, Annunaki, NWO, Fluoride, Aspartame……you get the idea.

I strongly believe in the TRUTH – by lying to us, they are removing our free choice to decide how our civilisation should progress and evolve.


MY RESEARCH:    I have read my way through several libraries by now I guess.  I am one of those people you hear about – if there is nothing to read I will read the back of a cereal box.  Anything.  I must be able to read.  Now of course, I have unlimited downloads, so too much reading gets done on my laptop.

I loved Sci Fi, read my way through the same standard authors everyone does, read everything Morecock ever wrote.  That is where my interest came about UFO’s, and the idea of other species sharing our universe.

Went through a period of the “Big Question” (why am I here etc)   Discovered the myth of Jesus – so off I went reading reading reading.  Which lead me to other biblical themes like the Nephilim and Annunaki mentioned in the bible.

Off I went again with Anu, Enki and Enlil, the Adama, and Jesus’ bloodline through the Magdalene – their daughter Sarah.

Then away I slid into  The Knights Templar, the Carthoginians (the Perfect Ones) and the Merovingian bloodlines .  This in turn lead me to the mystery of Rennes les Chateau and Monserrat – then away I go to the Egyptian Pharoahs’ bloodline and Starfire/ORME/Highward Spin Stone/White Powder Gold.

Wow, that’s alot of reading.  But of course there’s more……more to follow…..


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