I’m Back…..

Hey fellow blogsters, sorry I have not been posting anything new lately.  I have been taking a much needed break away from all things conspiracy etc, and concentrating on a few very important events that have been taking place.


In particular, the US Dollar seems to be on very shaky ground, and I have been following the financial crisis of the US.


I have also been watching the EU and the Euro.  They are so shaky in Europe, its a house of cards just waiting for someone to open the door and the breeze blow in and tumble it all down….


Then there’s China, and it’s always a worry what they are up to, but if it really was them and their sub that set off that missile along the coastline of the US then that can mean nothing but future trouble in my mind!


Then there’s Nth Korea – god help us all if they have nukes…..


We have Yemen too dont forget, simmering away ready to break out!


And mustnt forget the United States own govt. department the dearly beloved TSA who insist on creating one scandal after another at airport security check-ins…..first it was feeling up 7 yr old children, then out came one employee caught wanking at the naked body scanners, then a nun protested she had been felt up, then we hear of the crippled man having his urine bag burst open and getting covered in urine……the list just goes on and keeps getting worse!


So you see, even tho I have been away from here, I have been doing my homework still…..so much info…..so little time.


Till next time my news hungry friends,  toodle pip…..


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