My Reply to Religious Fervour…..

Today I met for coffee a man who hosted what I would call “Truther Events”.   He was very well educated, with definitive knowledge on many political questions of the day.

This blog is in direct response to the conversation we had, and the religious fervour he had when trying to convince me his way was the “right” way.

Basically, my mother raised me too well to be rude to his face – so I politely listened to the points he made, tried to counter with a few arguments, but then gave up as his fervour became embarrassing in such a public place!

The following are my first 5 mins research on google – trying to refute each point he was sooo adamant was correct.

Its not that I dont “believe” in my own way, it’s that I cannot stand wild statements made without hard scientific backing.  This man was sane and intelligent and obviously well educated, and I believe him when he cites his extensive travel and research on the subjects.

So, his first claim that threw me was:

Dinosaurs lived only a few thousand years ago – and as per a quote in the bible stating they were basically “made” creatures, were therefore in some way mutant and sterile.  He claimed there had never been baby dinosaurs as they simply did not and could not exist.  Now, I think it’s fair to say that dinosaurs were reptiles and therefore laid eggs.  Babies hatch out of the eggs after a certain incubation period.  I think this is a fact.  Never know.  In 200 yrs maybe that will be proved to be wrong too.  But for now we have to assume this to be fact.  I immediately found this link showing a fossil found of a snake coiled around a nest of hatching dinosaur eggs.

I am sure I have heard of other finds of baby dinosaurs inside larger ones stomachs.   Granted, to be fair, my research  does state  baby dinosaur finds have been rare, but then states this is probably expected if all the large predator types  ate the babies (it would be like a turtle hatching…..of hundreds hatched only 3 or so make it to adulthood).  Plus, juvenile bones degrade very quickly, hence the lack of fossil remains.

The gentleman also stated there is definitely NO link showing how dinosaurs ever mutated into winged creatures and never would be as it was absolutely impossible.  I present the next clip…..

He refused to believe the relatively new discoveries of cave paintings in France showing cavemen hunting dinosaurs

So, five minutes of research have scientifically dis-proven all of this otherwise well educated and well travelled man religious ideas.  What a shame he has to be so pedantic.


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