Monsanto – the true Enemy!

I have personally had a hate relationship with Monsanto for about 20 years now.  I have worked in the horticulture industry and so understood just what it was that they were trying to do with their “Roundup Ready” and “Terminator Seeds” – all GMO (genetically modified organisms) or GE (genetically engineered) foods.

The following article is just the latest in the list of heinous crimes that Monsanto have perpetrated on the population of the Earth – which, in my opinion, are all in line with the NWOs’ policy of eugenics (or the culling of the Earths’ population).

This article can be found at:

“RoundUp” (R) Herbicide Not Deadly Enough: Monsanto’s New Version Contains 70% Agent Orange!

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Toxic Danger Alert! Warning: Graphic Images.

‘Agent Orange.’ ‘Dioxin.’ The very words bring a shudder of horror – horror for the damage to our troops and their offspring that Monsanto’s (and Dow Chemical’s) chemical weapons inflicted on Americans, horror for the ecological devastation that the herbicide/defoliant inflicted on the ecosystem of South East Asia, from which recovery is far from certain over the next thousand years, horror for the devastation brought to the Vietnamese people, both friend and foe, whose lives – and deaths – have been so hideously distorted by US weaponry… and horror for the decades of denial and whitewash imposed by the US Government about its prior knowledge of the devastating effects of dioxin on the living and the unborn, on the biosphere and on life for untold generations to come. This ‘Prior knowledge’ is the very definition of a crime against humanity. The world looks with horror at the horror wrought by the US in Viet Nam because of its use of Agent Orange. And now, the very people who, along with Dow Chemical) brought us this horror half a world away are bringing it all back home.

Agent Orange is a mixture of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, manufactured by Monsanto. Our Foundation President, General Bert, is a Viet Nam vet whose Agent Orange exposure there has given him cancer 3 separate times- 3 separate, unrelated cancers – while the US Government denied any connection to any ongoing or sustained damage from Agent Orange, while the Veteran’s Administration, the FDA and the US Congress denied what they knew and allowed untold suffering and death. Finally, decades later, after many of the Agent Orange-injured service men and women were dead, they were forced to acknowledge that there is a strong relationship between Agent Orange and cancer, birth defects and a host of other deadly and life-damaging disorders and conditions.

Of course, one of our strong supporters tells me that when her Viet Nam vet husband and she had a tragically deformed Agent Orange baby who died soon after birth, the US Government quietly offered them a few thousand dollars in “compensation” for the Agent Orange-related death of their child. So while denying the connection, the Government was paying off those who, unlike the service men themselves, could sue and bring this matter into an open court, thus establishing their prior knowledge.

Birth Defect

This kind of behavior for Monsanto is nothing new. It appears that companies like Monsanto have been poisoning the planet for quite a long time. According to Monsanto Watch Factsheet,

“The world’s center of PCB manufacturing was Monsanto’s plant on the outskirts of East St. Louis, Illinois, which has the highest rate of fetal death and immature births in the state. By 1982, nearby Times Beach, Missouri, was found to be so thoroughly contaminated with dioxin, a by-product of PCB manufacturing, that the government ordered it evacuated. Dioxins are endocrine and immune system disruptors, cause congenital birth defects, reproductive and developmental problems, and increase the incidence of cancer, heart disease and diabetes in laboratory animals.”

Stay With Me Here…

First, we need to talk about Nano Silver, the safest and most powerful anti-pathogen agent I have ever encountered. Nano Silver was approved by the EPA as a surface cleaner for hospitals, spas, restaurants, barber and beauty shops, daycare centers, etc., on the basis of its extraordinary effectiveness (killing every pathogen against which it was tired, whether bacterial, viral, mycoplasma, parasite or otherwise) and its total lack of toxic impact on the environment. Silver has a long and honorable history as a health aid since it is safe, effective, requires no storage and is really cheap compared to drugs, which are both dangerous and expensive. For that reason, the Natural Solutions Foundation recommends that you stock up on this “Swiss Army Knife for Your Medicine Chest”(TM) with the Nano silver product in which I place the most trust, Silver Biotics by American Biological Laboratories. This extraordinary product, which anyone can take, regardless of other health concerns or medications they are using – and which will NOT turn your skin blue!!! – is available at

Of course, BECAUSE it is safe, effective and puts no money into the coffers of its Big Pharma masters, the FDA has been on a silver rampage for decades, attempting over and over to ban this healthful substance when it was only available as ionic silver or colloidal silver which are good, but not as reliable or predictable as Nano silver because particle size varies widely and effectiveness depends on particle size.

Apparently, someone in FDA-land realized that Nano silver had been approved as safe and effective over in EPA-land and decided to do something about it. The FDA, which allows healthy infants to be experimented upon with known carcinogenic, nerve-damaging agents called “Pesticides” (as in the CHAMP “studies” in Duval County, FL) does not want anyone to have access to non-drug options for anything. In this they are the Drug Cartel’s enforcement thugs…

In fact, the health freedom headlines this week included the FDA’s recent action to seize and destroy, and/or bring criminal charges against any product/company which claimed to either prevent or treat Swine Flu, whether or not such claims were true! (See – REL) The only options the FDA says we are permitted have in order to manage the so-called “Swine Flu Pandemic,” which causes a disease which is so trivial that according to what I must believe is a rather red-faced CDC and WHO, the disease rarely causes symptoms and when it does, virtually never requires medical attention or hospitalization are listed below. (By the way, the FDA has unwittingly given us a nice list of products we should support!)

In fact, there is no conclusive evidence to make it clear that anyone at all, anywhere in the world has ever died from Swine Flu. They might -or might not – have died WITH Swine Flu, but there is nothing to suggest than anyone has died FROM Swine Flu. This just goes, by the way, to show how very primitive our understanding of the human immune system is since several efforts, including SARS and the intentionally weaponized Avian Flu virus, have been made and failed abysmally to create a working Pandemic.

See our break-though White Paper on the Right to Self-Quarantine and Self-Shielding for a review of some of the attempts we believe have been made recently to weaponize both the flu and to weaponize the flu vaccine to trigger the pandemic that WHO and CDC tell us is “inevitable.”

This time, as with SARS and the Avian Flu (the useless vaccine for which was stockpiled around the world to the tune of many billions of dollars in the US alone while Tamiflu(R) was stockpiled too and is now expiring. In fact, in the UK the shelf life of their stock of this useless and dangerous drug was extended by 1 year by an Act of Parliament so, as my grandmother would have said, “It shouldn’t be a total loss”.

The Swine Flu Pandemic, anticipated and much-hyped, did not occur, but the Pandemic Response is proceeding just as surely as if the bioengineered Swine Flu had taken off successfully and was killing huge numbers of people.

CDC and WHO made no efforts to contain the disease, saying that travel restrictions were not needed, but sneezing into your sleeve was a life-saving measure. Say what?

So our Fraud and Death Agency’s ONLY approved methods of dealing with the Swine Flu are:

1. Swine Flu vaccines which are untested, unsafe and unnecessary. They are being rushed into production and approval without testing. They contain mercury. They contain squalene, a deadly adjuvant (immune irritant) when injected. They contain other adjuvants whose identify is a “trade secret” and they contain other materials whose identify is also unknown. They are, literally, an uninsurable risk.

Yet the Secretary of Health and Human Services, FDA’s parent agency, says that we will start vaccination programs with every child in the US (there will be no exemptions – none, under the current Federal and State laws, by the way) and then “Sit back and observe. We hope there are not too many adverse events.” Of course, Secretary Sebelius does not make clear what is the number that would constitute “too many adverse events.” We at Natural Solutions say, “None!” and we know that the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association agrees with us.

2. Tamiflu and other “FDA approved drugs. Tamiflu, whose ownership includes not only Donald Rumsfeld, as is well known, but apparently every other top player in the US political world, all the way, it is said, to the White House, is a dangerous drug which has been around for quite some time looking for a reason to exist since it is a poor anti-virals with a significant toxic profile. However, it was stock piled in the billions of dollars during the failed weaponized virus pandemic event called “Avian Flu” despite the fact that it was known early on that 98% of the Avian Flu strains known were, according to the CDC, “resistant to Tamiflu”. There is no reason to think that other antivirals are either safer or more effective.

Back to Nano Silver For a Moment

In order to get safe and effective Nano silver off the market in advance of the anticipated and otherwise to-have-been-unstoppable Swine Flu Pandemic (this is our conclusion, according to our analysis: Please note that we have no documentation that the events we are discussing did, in fact, occur because of inter-agency pre-planning within the US Government, but it looks mighty suspicious to us) the EPA suddenly decided that it wanted accept a Big-Pharma inspired “citizens petition” to declare Nano silver a pesticide! Not only that, all equipment used in connection with the production of Nano silver was to be declared to be a pesticide, too.

If the illogic of that last sentence stopped you in your tracks, it means that you were awake and paying close attention because it is manifestly insane.

There was, however, so much push back (thank you, Mouse Warriors!) against this absurd and dangerous idea (dangerous to health AND to health freedom), that the matter was put off for a few years.

FDA, however, apparently realizing that its plans had been foiled, decided that it would take action and threaten every product which could provide either information in its material about how to prevent, or deal with the symptoms of the Swine Flu with either seizure and destruction (remember, FDA has special FDA Marshals equipped with dogs, guns, axes and, it would appear, the mentality of Nazi Brown Shirts) of products and factories or, if they did not submit to the FDA’s demand that they cease selling or advertising their products, criminal action against them.

Back to Agent Orange…

Monsanto is a drug, chemical and biotech company with a long and terrible history of contamination, toxic products and a wildly arrogant disregard for anything like public health or safety. The Monsanto Watch Project of the Center for Food Safety says,

“Monsanto, best know today for its agricultural biotechnology products, has a long and dirty history of polluting this country and others with some of the most toxic compounds known to humankind. From PCBs to Agent Orange to Roundup, we have many reasons to question the motives of this company that claims to be working to reduce environmental destruction and feed the world with its genetically engineered food crops….

In the 1970s, Monsanto began manufacturing the herbicide Roundup, which has been marketed as a [sic] safe, general-purpose herbicide for widespread commercial and consumer use, even though its key ingredient, glyphosate, is a highly toxic poison for animals and humans. In 1997, The New York State Attorney General took Monsanto to court and Monsanto was subsequently forced to stop claiming that Roundup is “biodegradable” and “environmentally friendly.”

Monsanto has been repeatedly fined and ruled against for, among many things, mislabeling containers of Roundup, failing to report health data to EPA, and chemical spills and improper chemical deposition. In 1995, Monsanto ranked fifth among U.S. corporations in EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory, having discharged 37 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the air, land, water and underground. “

Dioxin and DDT are similar compounds which are in the dangerous class of “chlorinated hydrocarbons”. These organic chemical consist of a pair of benzene rings, hydrogen and and four chlorine atoms. Dioxin also contains an oxygen atom. DDT and dioxin share several characteristics:

* Both DDT and dioxin are toxic in small quantities.
* Neither of them degrades in the environment — they both exist indefinitely once released.
* Both dissolve and accumulate in fat.

How toxic is Dioxin?

“The toxicity of dioxin is something that the scientific community does not seem to agree upon. Dioxin became notorious in the 1980s because of Agent Orange and several dioxin dumps (like Love Canal) discovered in the United States. You will see many, many pages on the Web (such as this one) that describe dioxin as the most toxic substance on the planet. Then you will see other references like this one from Encyclopedia Britannica:

“Toxicologists [sic] mistakenly concluded from studies on laboratory animals that TCDD (dioxin) was one of the most toxic of all man-made substances… Subsequent research, however, discounted most of these inferences, which were based on the effects of very high doses of TCDD on guinea pigs and other peculiarly susceptible animals. Among humans, the only disease definitely found related to TCDD is chloracne, which develops shortly after exposure to the chemical.”

To our analysis, dioxin is, in fact, a tremendously toxic compound which is found in significant concentrations in Roundup (c). In fact, Roundup’s principal ingredient, glyphosate, is often referred to as the second most toxic compound known in nature. If dioxin is the first, and glyphosate is the second, what are they doing on your food?

And, since dioxin is found in Roundup(c) and does not break down in nature, it certainly is in your food and your environment, your water and, sadly, your bodies. For example, dioxin contamination from 800 to 2000 times greater than permitted was recently found in Irish pork products and was traced to a feed from a feed plant there. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready (c) corn and soy are permitted in the EU for animal feed although GMO foods are banned for human consumption unless labeled clearly there.

Monsanto’s potential for damage is not limited to pesticides, of which they list 29 products approved for use in the US.

They make aspartame, having acquired the patent when they bought the Searle drug company. It is no surprise that aspartame, included in many vaccines, by the way, is viewed by Advanced Healthcare Researchers as a leading cause of MS, Lupus and other life threatening diseases, including cancer. Despite this evidence, which led the FDA to keep aspartame out of food and drink for 11 years, as soon as Donald Rumsfeld and Ronald Regan came into power, the old head of FDA was out in a flash and the first act of the next FDA head was to approve unlimited use of this toxic material.

Monsanto is the world’s leading owner of genetic patents and the world’s leading GMO seed producer. Most of their GMO seeds are modified to allow them to tolerate high doses – really, really high doses – of an herbicide called ‘Glyphosate’. According to toxicologists, exposure to Glyphosate is strongly associated with cancer, infertility, loss of pregnancies, birth defects, auto immune disorders (such as Lupus), neurological disorders and other serious adverse events up to, and including, death.

Glyphosate is marketed around the world as “Roundup” (R) and its seeds are marketed as “Roundup Ready” (R) soy, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, strawberries, papaya, taro, coffee, etc. Roundup Ready(R) soy and corn are widely used as animal feed, which means that their deadly genetic materials and toxic load wind up in your cells and your baby’s if you are pregnant or feeding your children GMO foods.

Roundup (R) is an herbicide. It kills plants which have not been modified to accept it. The material which is sprayed on the plants kills agricultural workers, makes them infertile and creates a host of horrific diseases in them and their children, as well as people down wind or down river from them. In fact, as you look at your lush, bright, chemically contaminated GMO veggies and eat your 90% GMO modified diet (if you are eating prepared and conventional “food” that is) we rarely think of the fact that agricultural workers in what is sadly called “conventional agriculture” have astoundingly high cancer, infertility and birth defect rates.

Your Food, Your Weeds, Monsanto and Agent Orange.

Monsanto is facing super weeds and a marketing problem: Roundup (R) is no longer as “effective” as it used to be in killing off super weeds which have now acquired the genes from the pollen of the GMO seeds and are becoming Roundup (R) resistant. Not only that, but competitors are seeking to tear market share away from the originator of this particular poisoned plant system.

Monsanto probably pays some pretty good salaries, though, for some diabolically clever brain power. Their solution? Come up with new and improved versions of Roundup (R) which contains up to 70% Agent Orange. See:

Of course, if that does not suit, Monsanto makes 29 herbicides licensed for use in the US. All of them appear to be toxic and all of them damage both the farmers and the consumers while doing serious, perhaps irreparable damage to the environment.

So while the FDA is busy banning and seizing those compounds which allow us to protect ourselves from the dangers of bio engineered or natural biological threats to our well being, they are simultaneously turning a blind eye to the contamination of our food, our world – and of us – by allowing the use of mixtures of compounds which are arguably the most dangerous non-radioactive toxic chemicals in the world. They turn a blind eye to the studies which show their dangers, but turn a very sharp and acute eye to the substances and information which give us choice and power to protect ourselves.

Working with EPA, EPA and USDA, they are clearly making their corporate friends, sponsors and benefactors very, very happy at the cost of what?

Birth Defects
Pulmonary Disorders
Urological Disorders
Still Born Babies
Life Threatening Skin Disorders
Immune System Suppression and Damage

OK. Back to the Swine Flu…

You can see from the partial list of the impact of damage caused by Agent Orange that the immune system is hit hard by exposure to it. So are the chromosomes (or you would not get birth defects and deformities. So allowing Roundup(C), which scientific studies show cause many of the same diseases and conditions, including infertility and birth defects AND causes significant damage to the environment (including massive damage to amphibians like frogs), we see that putting them together is a very, very good idea if your intention is to make sure that you have a very large, and very sick population. Couple that with the farm laws now being pushed through Congress which will institutionalize what has been informal before, the total degredation of the the US food supply and the criminalization, yes, criminalization of food production which does not conform to Codex requirements, even in your own back yard, and you see the link.
Now add a vaccine which has no real reason for existing except to make legally immune Big Pharma healthy, coffer-wise, and the rest of us sick, body-wise. Take away our natural remedies, which the FDA has been trying to do for years, leave us with only the dangerous Pig in a Poke, Swine Flu vaccine (by the way, click here,, to see my Rap video of the same name) and a dangerous drug option and you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

“Let the Culling Begin!”
There is, in short, no medical, logical reason for the Swine Flu vaccine, which will be made mandatory, if the WHO, CDC and White House are to be believed. There is no medical, logical reason for the Level 6 Swine Flu Pandemic Emergency which was declared by Dr. Chen of the WHO on July 11, 2009.

Unless, of course, you want to kill a whole lot of people with a weaponized vaccine. There is no medical, logical reason to begin the vaccination program on our most profound treasure, our children, and “HOPE there are not too many adverse reactions.” HOPE? Hope there are not too many adverse reactions, or hope that there are? What is the real meaning of that astonishing statement?

If there is no intention to let the culling begin, why else include provisions in BioShield, Patriot Acts I, II and III, and bull through the Emergency Medical Powers Acts in virtually every state giving both the Federal Government and the States the “right” to quarantine you indefinitely if you refuse the vaccine or drug offered to you in a Pandemic State? If that does not seem like a good idea to you, then click here,, to demand your right to self-quarantine if vaccinations or involuntary incarceration is orders, as it well may be as soon as the first commercially available flu vaccine is ready. You can also click here,, to read our informative White Paper on Self Quarantine and THEN take the action step and forward it to everyone you know to ask them to do the same.

If no culling is anticipated, why else expend billions of dollars ($7.65B approved by the House of Representatives for Swine Flu vaccines and drugs last week alone) on a wildly dangerous, untested, unnecessary vaccine for a disease which WHO Director Chan admits causes no symptoms and requires no treatment? And why rush through legislation which industrializes the food supply of an entire country to the lowest agricultural, anti-health denominator? Well, perhaps because the World Health Organization says that to maintain a sustainable planet, we need to reduce the population by 90%. And perhaps, in your mind, you’re it.
And perhaps because the doctrine that depopulation must be the first priority of the United States Government’s Foreign Policy articulated so chillingly in NSA Memorandum 200 by Henry Kissinger in 1974 was adopted by the US Government but has never been repudiated?
And perhaps because the UN’s plans for long-term sustainability call for the same thing? Could that be?
Well, if not, please write to me at and tell me what else explains it.

It is time for us to take action to make sure that our food stays clean and stays in our control if we wish it to be there, that our health is not attacked by the cullers who see us as “Useless Eaters” who are consuming “their” non-renewable natural resources and that our freedom to chart our own health course is unimpeded by genocidal monsters or idiots.

Stay active, disseminate widely and stay free!
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
Valley of the Moon(TM) Eco Demonstration Project, Panama

The article can be found at:


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  1. Posted by Duchess on July 11, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Warm Earth July 2009 p 27 discusses new research on Glyphhostate based herbicide Roundup painting a different picture to Monsantao’s safety claims. Brief rundown. Increase risk non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, birth defects, asthma in children, skin diseases and neoro-behavioural disorders. It is considered by independent researchers to be a persistent environmental pollutant, a statement that Greenpeace said more than ten years ago.


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