Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA.

According to alot of people, the American Government has built more than 3,700 of these camps scattered throughout the country.  Initially, we were told they were being built for natural disasters such as what occured in New Orleans with Katrina.

The sheer number and size of these camps is mind boggling now.  Some new US legislation is allowing for Obama to implement Presidential Executive orders if/when another disaster occurs.  Claims have been made that over 20,000 troops have been trained in domestic crowd control and are waiting for the signal to come.

The FEMA camps are fully staffed with troops ready to go.

This clip is a fly over in an ultralight aircraft of one of the storage areas where they park all the unused trailors after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans – it is IMMENSE, nicely hidden away in a huge forest miles away from anywhere.  The cost of building and staffing these camps is mind blowing!

This next clip is about certain lists the US govt has compiled.  Already people are speaking out about how they have found coloured stickers on their mail boxes – predominantly red or blue.  The theory is red are the real activists – TV spokespersons, famous personalities, anyone with links to activist groups etc.  The blue stickers are for the followers of these people – the ones who truly believe in the NWO.  These two groups, it is claimed, will be arrested in their homes in the middle of the night and taken to the FEMA camps and killed.

The other sheeple will be rounded up and taken to the camps where they will be subjected to mind altering techniques, the responsive ones will be kept as slaves to the NWO – the others will be killed also (which is inline with the NWO policy of Eugenics or world depopulation:

This final clip is a Google search of all FEMA camps located in the US – claims of over 3,700 camps stocked, staffed and ready to go:

Time to get ready folks – gonna take the red pill or the blue pill??


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