2012 Olympic Mascots Unveiled

These two weird mascots have just been unveiled.  The creator said this about them:

“Asked to describe exactly what his creations were, designer Grant Hunter
of London-based firm Iris, said they were “magical beings” that would
become “multi-dimensional” mascots aimed at capturing the imagination of
children across the world.”

Now, I dont know how all you feel about this, but personally, I think they are horrible nasty looking things and would surely give most kids nightmares – not your usual cuddly toy to snuggle up to!

So, WHY have they chosen these two?  Named Wenlock and Mandeville, I have renamed them Hemlock and Mandrake!

Fitting names for them.

Many (including the late Rik Clay) are predicting a huge false flag event to happen at the Games – one prediction being an “Alien Invasion” holigraphically televised so the whole world will see.

Could these two horrors be another clue to what to expect?



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