Thermite used on 9/11

I’ve seen many videos lately about the use of Thermite in the controlled destruction of the World Trade Centre Buildings.   That the destruction was caused from something OTHER than 2 planes flying into the buildings is now  undisputed.   This video explains and shows just what Thermite does, and the melted residue it leaves behind.

The Nist investigation claimed that the melted metal was aluminium from the planes (and yet Building 7 was never hit by a plane, still collapsed, and had the same melted metal present) – this has been proved to be false, as there is no aluminium in the samples but lots of Iron (which is  the reaction  Thermite leaves after burning).

The other big problem is – where on earth could the remains of two 105 story buildings have gone?  They both collapsed down into their own footprints at freefall speeds – so should by rights have left a huge mound of rubble many, many floors high – yet photos and clean-up workers have stated the height of the remains was only aprox 2 floors high! Where did all the other rubble GO??

The dust cloud that rose into the air after the collapses hung around in the atmosphere for weeks – my research has proved that only nano-particles stay aloft for that long – normal sized particles fall back down to earth usually within hours or at most a couple of days!   This backs up the claim that Thermite was used in the destruction and created nano-particles of steel and cement.

Further, there are now many eye-witness reports and photos of the huge steel beams in the basements of both buildings showing a 45 degree angle “cut” – demolition experts have stated that this is how explosive experts “fix” the Thermite charges to existing structures they want to demolish.   It “shifts” the building sideways, and further  undermines the structural integrity of the whole…..

Strangely, the sub basements of the buildings were still generally clear of debris – some survivors sheltered there and were eventually rescued, hence the 45 degree cuts in the structural beams were still visible.

Weeks later, clean-up teams were still battling with huge pools of molten metal burning at extreme heat – Thermite burns at 2500C.

This is an interesting little video (aprox 6mins long) – the gentleman talking is very knowledgeable and to the point.   It also shows 2 guys doing experiments with Thermite a la Mythbusters, so you get a very clear idea just exactly what Thermite does and how it works.   Have to say…..I’m sold!


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