Poisoning our Children!

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‘Food and Drug Administration inspectors found in April that McNeil Consumer Healthcare, which has voluntarily recalled certain lots of its children’s and infants’ Tylenol products, knowingly used bacteria-contaminated materials to make them, a report posted Tuesday by the agency says.’

6th May 2010 – By Joel Lord

McNeil Consumer HealthcareRaw materials used to make over-the-counter infant’s and children’s medications, which are subject to a massive recall, tested positive for bacterial contamination, according to a Food and Drug Administration inspection report released late Tuesday.

The report, which also found more than a dozen other violations at the facility used to make the products, detailed a series of sloppy manufacturing processes including failure to maintain equipment, properly train employees and correctly weigh ingredients. The report also indicates that the drug maker, Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare subsidiary, failed to investigate “46 consumer complaints regarding foreign materials, dark or black specks,” some dating to June 2009.

“They’ve had a number of recalls and some observers are starting to question the integrity of the supply chain. The trend we’ve seen is not positive,” said industry analyst Les Funtleyder at Miller Tabak & Co.’

‘Food and Drug Administration inspectors found in April that McNeil Consumer Healthcare, which has voluntarily recalled certain lots of its children’s and infants’ Tylenol products, knowingly used bacteria-contaminated materials to make them, a report posted Tuesday by the agency says.’

Tylenol banFDA REPORT: ‘McNeil Consumer Healthcare and FDA notified healthcare professionals of a voluntary recall of certain over-the-counter (OTC) Children’s and Infants’ liquid products manufactured in the United States, including Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl products. McNeil Consumer Healthcare is initiating this voluntary recall because some of these products may not meet required quality standards. This recall is not being undertaken on the basis of adverse medical events. However, as a precautionary measure, parents and caregivers should not administer these products to their children. Some of the products included in the recall may contain a higher concentration of active ingredient than is specified; others may contain inactive ingredients that may not meet internal testing requirements; and others may contain tiny particles. While potential for serious medical events is remote, the company advises consumers who have purchased these recalled products to discontinue use.’

Product Brands On Recall List –


A) Failure to investigate “46 consumer complaints regarding foreign materials, dark or black specks,” some dating to June 2009.

B) 50 variations of infant’s and children’s Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl tested positive for bacterial contamination.

C) The report documents “numerous deficiencies,” including “a failure to sufficiently investigate problems in its manufacturing and in its drugs,” failure to maintain proper testing facilities, and making changes in manufacturing processes without assuring that they would not harm consumers.

D) According to USA Today McNeil KNOWINGLY used bacteria-contaminated materials to make them.

E) The inspection was triggered at least in part by a warning letter sent to a McNeil plant in Puerto Rico in January in connection with another recall involving medications tainted by a chemical found in wooden shipping pallets. A foul odor associated with the chemical temporarily sickened about 70 people. In that letter, FDA cited ongoing concerns with the company’s quality control.

F) The weekend recall was the ninth product recall for McNeil this year, according to FDA figures.

FDA VERDICT: ‘No decision has been made about what further action, if any, the FDA will take, officials said. Options range from sending a warning letter to seeking criminal penalties.’

The FDA routinely turns a blind eye to Big pharma malfeasance. Frequently major violators  are given nothing more than a token slap on the wrist; their product then quietly diverted to countries outside the ire of the spotlight – always accompanied by a Media blackout. A landmark case Bayer Corporation, owned by Nazi sympathizer I.G.Farben, were caught red handed distributing Factor 8 (a blood thinner for Hemophiliacs)  tainted with the HIV Aids virus to tens of thousands of hemophiliacs in the United States.  The FDA imposed a toothless ban with the assurance Bayer would clean up their act. The CEO’s at Bayer avoided any serious recrimination. Within weeks the tainted supplies were quietly shipped for sale to Europe, Asia & Latin America. The vast majority of victims around the world suffered and/or died in silence. Finally in 1997 Bayer was pinned down in Court; with thousands of hemophiliacs involved compensated $100,000 each. However most never saw such token justice.

‘Even if McNeil had been operating up to proper standards, many of its children’s formulations are still filled with questionable chemical ingredients like aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup, sucralose (Splenda), artificial colors and preservatives, and even parabens, all of which are approved by the FDA for use in children’s and infants’ formulas.

The shocking truth is that, even in their approved and “safe” forms, most OTC children’s medicines are nothing more than dangerous chemical cocktails being peddled as medicine. They’re filled with so much harmful garbage that they can hardly be considered beneficial. Most of them are outright useless. These OTC children’s medicines are the quackery of modern medicine.’ Mike Adams, Natural News

“Tylenol uses up glutathione (GSH) stores and metabolites of acetaminophen accumulates causing direct damage to liver cells. You want their glutathione levels to be optimum because GSH main purpose is for detoxifying and eliminating heavy metals and other environmental toxins…it is essential for the function of the gut, maintains Vitamins C and E, maintains mitochondrial integrety, protects against intracellular viruses and so much more. Anything that compromises the level of glutathione needed to maintain health like Tylenol should be avoided.” Brian Jepson, MD

‘People who take NSAIDs for prolonged periods of time can develop several GI side effects, such as stomach aches, indigestion, or even ulcers. Ulcers can eventually lead to GI bleeding or may even perforate, spilling the contents of the stomach or small intestine into the sterile abdominal cavity. Every time they come in with bleeding, they have a 10% chance of dying.’ Dr. Joseph Mercola


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