Book Review….


Something alittle bit different tonight – Im doing a Book Review!

“The Pandora Prescription” by James Sheridan.

For all those intrepid seekers of truth, this is another one to add to your reading list.

If you liked The Da Vinci Code et al, then this is another eye-opener that will make little warning bells go off in your heads!

Let me start by telling you why I was intrigued with this book, and why I believe it has alot of fact  in amongst the fiction…

Years ago in New Zealand, I remember my parents discussing a Doctor of Medicine who was run out of NZ for claiming he could cure Cancer with his unique treatment of administering Laetrile.   Now, Laetrile is a substance found in Apricot kernels, and also in much smaller concentrations in nuts and berries in general.   This Doctor (and Im sorry but I cant remember his name) was forced to leave NZ  by the Medical Association, labelled a “quack” and rip-off artist, and was threatened with incarceration and having his licence revoked if he continued to make his claims.

Hundreds of patients claimed he had cured them,  after the medical establishment had basically wiped their hands of them stating they were incurable.  Last I heard of the good Doctor, he had set up a clinic on a Pacific Island and was still having great success with the cure rates of patients that still flocked to him.  So, now I have given you the background, lets on with the story…..

A US Secret Service agent tapes a secret meeting between the Bilderberg Group Meeting where the head of the American Medical Association, the head of the American Cancer Society, the head of the Food and Drug Administration, and the head of the National Cancer Institute meet with the Vice President of the USA to discuss ways to prevent the information about Laetrile from going public.

Basically, all these people at the meeting are OWNED in one way or another, by the huge Pharmaceutical Companies (Big Pharma).  Politics and political parties are funded by the Big Pharmas, millions of jobs are provided by these companies, basically our economies are now so entrapped with these companies that without their funding, society as we know it would collapse.

The Big Pharmas admit Laetrile works – scientific studies have shown the results to be conclusive, but no way must this be allowed to come out.  If the average Joe on the street can go down the Health Food Shop and buy some organic apricot seeds, then no profit can be made by these companies.  They know damn well that Chemotherapy kills more patients than it cures (if at all), and that Radiation Therapy is the same, but they dont care because it all comes down to PROFIT AND CONTROLLING THE MARKET!

Enter the Codex Elementarius –  because Laetrile is basically B17 which can be bought over the counter without prescription,  these huge multi-national companies are now trying to control the Vitamin and Supplement industry too with this new legislation.  This is all happening now – google Codex and see what I mean.  These Big Pharmas cant make a profit from natural products, you cant patent herbs and vitamins, so they are trying to stop us being able to buy them, and arresting and fining anyone who makes claims that their supplements and natural products work!

The book is very well written, easy to understand, covers so many different aspects of whats happening behind closed doors by the huge companies that control the media, the government, and the medical establishment!

A must read!


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