Polands’ Plane Crash

As soon as I heard about the plane crash that killed most of the top echelon of the Polish Government and their military, my thoughts immediately turned to WAS THAT PLANE DELIBERATELY BROUGHT DOWN?

Now I know I always reach for the conspiracy theory behind such events – but in this case I think I may be right!

A video has been circulating on the net witnessing what looks like soldiers gunning down passengers as they emerged from the wreck of the plane! Now the latest is the man who took the video was shot, taken to hospital, then 3 armed men entered his hospital room, unhooked his life support machines, stabbed him, then stabbed him 3 times more until he died.

IF this is all true – and I will do more research – then this is one of the most shocking things I have heard for a long time! Some people are saying this is the beginning of WW111.

Information has come out that Poland refused to join the EU – they decided not to accept the EU currency, and Skrzypek, the head of the Polish banking system, put a time of 2020 before maybe joining. Their currency, the “zloty” strengthened first thing on Monday following the crash. The Civic Platform (leader Donald Tusk the Prime Minister) are pushing for the introduction of the Euro as soon as possible.

It also came out that the Polish Health Minister had refused to buy into the Swine Flu pandemic, and declined to purchase the vaccines. Thats a red flag to the Big Pharmas!

Another detail I find suspect is both the new presidential candidate and his fellow candidate Sikorski (whose wife is Jewish), were miraculously NOT on the plane! They will be the new Prime Minster and the President, both belonging to the Civic Platform party!

Below are links to watch the original film of the crash site and shootings,


Jane Bergermeisters video:

My heart goes out for Poland – they have had a history of bloodshed and have been trying very hard to stop corruption and bring their country forward. Now this. Truly shocking!


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