What was Manna?

A couple of months ago, a friend and I were discussing the bible.   She mentioned the Manna that the Jews were given by God to survive as they wandered through the desert.  We went on to discuss the many theories about just what this Manna was….some claimed it was a secretion/sap that oozed out of a native tree, some say it was  hoar frost, others that it was the residue of a comet or asteroid – the theories are many and varied!  None seemed to really fit the bill.

Now I know through my own studies, that every ancient tribe/civilisation had their shamans/medicine men/seers etc that led their people in spiritual/religious/hunting rituals – and that these shaman/medicine men always used a herb or plant or mushroom to attain the higher state of being to “commune” with their god/s  or spirits.   In many cultures, it is the psychedelic mushroom that the shamans imbibed to achieve this “higher state of being”.

This link I’m adding is indeed one mans interpretation on the passages in Exodus that cite the Manna, and I have to say I’m very impressed with his reasoning!

See for yourselves……


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