Ancient Artefacts and Aliens

Hmmmm, really does make one think….this video talks about the Chinese Roswell, with strange metal discs depicting a “grey” alien, a flying saucer and the sun in the middle with what I take to be an orbit around it. Strange elongated skulls have been found, and tiny alien looking skeletons. The local tribes have legends of how the aliens came – and the tribes-people killed them all!
Then thousands of other ancient artefacts have been found in the Himalayas, all showing alien beings in one form or another.
The last part is about Australian Aboriginal cave paintings – white beings with enlarged heads and huge eyes. The Aborigines also have legends about visiting space beings.
Too many references have been found now, and too many local legends of UFOs and “gods from the skies” are known to doubt there must be some truth in there. I believe so anyway.


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