I was surfing around YouTube the other day, and found a truly awful video on the effects of Aspartame on the human brain.  I have known Aspartame was a poison for years now, and had avoided it like the plague, so this info just reinforced my opinion.

The awful thing i spotted was that they are adding it to Protein Powder and Diet Shakes (amongst alot of other products), but this really hit home as both my grown sons are body builders/kick boxers and they live on the stuff!

So out we get the huge container and yep, sure enough, its in there alright!!  No mention of quantity though which I find absolutely shocking!  The two baddies are listed as 954 and 952 (google them you will see).   One of these toxins has been banned in the USA since 1977 – but can still be found in the Australian product. WTF????

You will be happy to know my sons have now found alternative protein powders without those hideous poisons.


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